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  • 3 RU-Camden Lawyers assist residents

    Rutgers Law School Assists Camden Residents with Medical and Legal Issues

    Rutgers-Camden News Now March 2019 Students from Rutgers Law School work in tandem with community health professionals in Camden, NJ, to help improve residents’ lives and their overall health. The legal team is available to give advice on tickets, arrests, or fines to reduce stress in their daily lives. In addition, the larger multi-disciplinary group…

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  • microscopic blue bacteria on blue background

    The Climate Change Within: Missing Microbes and the Evolution of the Microbiome

    Rutgers Today February 26, 2019 Rutgers welcomes a new physician-researcher, Dr. Martin Blaser, a microbiologist who has studied the microbiome for over 20 years. In this short interview, Dr. Blaser gives a synopsis of the microbiome and outlines the four main issues contributing to the changes happening inside all of us. These four areas are:…

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  • piece of aluminum on periodic table of elements

    Hospitals withdraw surgical device over aluminium exposure fears

    The Guardian March 3, 2019 Several UK hospitals have withdrawn a common surgical device, used to warm fluids to body temperature during surgeries, over fears that it could cause dangerous levels of aluminium exposure in patients. The team found that when an electrolyte fluid was passed through the element, the level of aluminum rose to…

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  • Doctors and patients sit and talk.

    Doctors overprescribed fentanyl, FDA failed to act, study says

    Fierce Healthcare February 21, 2019 While not surprising in this age of overprescribing having precipitated the rampant US opioid addiction, a disturbing new study was published this month in JAMA. Researchers found that doctors overprescribed fentanyl at an alarming rate, where upwards of one third to one half of patients should never have received the…

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  • The many faces of Autism, Autistic young man

    The Coming Care Crisis as Kids With Autism Grow Up

    The Atlantic February 20, 2019 As the large US population of kids with autism grow up and age out of the public school system, there are not enough quality, affordable day-care, educational, or job training programs to handle this influx of disabled — often non-verbal — adults. Follow one family’s journey as they navigate the…

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  • Portrait of cute little girl 3-4-5 years old with sad eyes, with chickenpox, pimples anointed with green medicinal preparations, colored spots on the body.

    The Facts About Measles

    Children’s Health Defense February 7, 2019 As a result of the current media push, the governor of Washington declared a State of Emergency on January 25th due to 26 confirmed cases. Learn the facts about the measles outbreak, what your risks are, and strategies to keep yourself and your family healthy. Read the full article

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