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    Are You Taking Your Neighbor’s Meds?

    February 21, 2017
    Back in November, I wrote about the presence of pharmaceuticals in your drinking water. I had read that you could drop off your unused over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and your pharmaceuticals at drug stores and police stations

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  • Young woman inspecting a home with a magnifying glass

    Is Your Home Making You Sick?

    Disclaimer: I have no financial ties to realtors and I’m not suggesting that you move. But, if you suffer from symptoms like headaches or asthma or sinus problems, the origin may be living in your home.

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    Why Wash Fruits & Veggies?

    If pesticides are bad for you and you avoid “Roundup™ Ready” and other glyphosate-saturated produce, shouldn’t organic produce be ready-to-eat without washing?

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    Healthy Food Storage

    Have you noticed on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all the fancy glass food storage options? Or maybe you’ve seen people eating out of glass bowls and jars at work.

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