Kip Keino, 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist, visits our foundations

December 2, 2015

Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health

Dolly, Juliane and I had dinner with Kip Keino a few weeks ago. Per attached, when he visited our offices Bea and Shannon enjoyed taking pictures with him. Kip was important in getting us involved in Sub-Saharan Africa and has a great project and has adopted hundreds of orphans, many of whom end up in his primary school which has 8 classes and he wants to build 4 more.

2015_12_2 Kip Shannon
Above from left to right: Shannon Mulvihill, Program Director at Focus for Health, and Kip Keino
2015_12_2 Kip Bea
Above from left to right: Bea Pudelko, Office Manager, and Kip Keino

He also has a boys secondary school for about 250 students and hopes to also build a secondary school for girls.

Four years ago when we visited Kip, there was a dinner we attended and the city gave him $1,500 to take care of 2 children that were left in a basket on the side of the road.

Take a minute today to watch our partner Kip Keino win his incredible 1500m race against American favorite Jim Ryun a the 1968 Olympics. Kip makes finishing in the lead by 20 meters, the largest winning margin in the history of the event, look easy!

logo-hi resolution 2
Segal Family Foundation is Focus for Health’s sister foundation, also founded by Barry Segal

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