Barry Segal helps USTA bring tennis to children

Our Founder, Barry Segal, is a man of many interests. For those of you who know him, tennis is a large part of both his and his wife Dolly’s life. The United States Tennis Association Foundation (USTA), to which Barry and Dolly donate, has given them a wonderful shout out.

The mission of the USTA Foundation is to bring tennis and education together to change lives.

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Photo rights: USTA Foundation
Above from left to right: Dolly Segal, USTA Foundation Executive Director Dan Faber, and Barry Segal

USTA Foundation, October 13, 2015:

Donor Spotlight: Barry Segal becomes newest Foundation Partner

By Ashley Marshall,

Barry Segal approaches his philanthropic endeavors in the same way he tackled tasks as an entrepreneur – with focus, determination and dedication. He is approaching a decade of partnering with the USTA Foundation to serve up dreams to those in need, and earlier this month he became the newest Foundation Partner after pledging to donate $250,000 over the course of the next three years.

His pledge will play a key role in helping the USTA Foundation meet its goal of raising $15 million in three years to serve an additional 50,000 under resourced children with our programs nationwide.

Overall, the Foundation has raised more than $4.6 million in the first eight months of 2015 thanks to generous donations from its corporate and individual sponsors.

Segal initially became involved with the USTA Foundation through attending sponsored events, galas and pro-ams. Moved by the mission and goals of the Foundation, he gradually became more involved with its campaign that brings tennis and education together to change lives. With his ongoing support, the Foundation will continue to provide resources and financial support to enhance education, wellness and social initiatives benefitting more than 225,000 children in 4,500 locations across the country.

Segal has touched many lives in many ways. As a father of six children and a great-grandfather to 15 more, he has been a terrific provider. As a businessman, he helped roofing materials company Bradco Supply generate more than $1.9 billion in sales across 150 branches nationwide.

And as a philanthropist, he created the Segal Family Foundation to help community-based organizations utilize the localized knowledge needed to create sustainable change in their communities in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, Segal (above, with his wife, Dolly, and USTA Foundation Executive Director Dan Faber) is the founder of Focus For Health (previously Focus Autism), where Segal and his team focus on finding the cause of autism creating a deep awareness of maternal and children’s health, immune health and other chronic illnesses.

Why did you first decide to donate to the USTA Foundation?

Barry Segal: Dave Humphries from Tamko, a roofing manufacturer whom I brought in from my business carrier, invited us to play in [the US Open] Pro-Am eight or nine years ago. We have been going on our own ever since.

How did you learn about the Foundation’s work?

Barry Segal: We attended the [US Open Opening Night] Gala, saw a picture of Herb Schultz, whom we banked with years ago. Also met Mal Washington at the Pro-Am and we have been funding [his NJTL program in Jacksonville, Fla.].

Why is it important to you to make a difference in the lives of under-resourced populations?

Barry Segal: I don’t think it’s fair that children born in underprivileged areas won’t have the same chances as the more fortunate, and instead of getting better, it gets worse. In Sub-Saharan Africa, we like to find small operations where a little money can help them grow and expand, so Mal Washington fit, as did [the NJTL chapter] 15-LOVE in Albany, N.Y. I’ve also given $10,000 to start a program in Baltimore. I feel strongly that the lowest socioeconomic areas have to be treated much better.

What is your favorite aspect about the work the USTA Foundation does?

Barry Segal: They establish places where the minorities can participate, a small step to providing an opportunity for deserving people. It’s also not an expensive sport, and public courts are usually readily available.

What motivates you to be part of the success of the USTA Foundation?

Barry Segal: My focus is to create programs in the lower socioeconomic areas to help give deserving kids opportunity.

Could you share a story about your experience partnering with the Foundation.

Barry Segal: It is fun to play in the Pro-Am. Every year, Tracy [Austin] asks me the same thing – “I know your wife Dolly but, what’s your name?” Everybody knows my wife Dolly and forgets my name.

What do you wish other people knew about the USTA Foundation?

Barry Segal: It’s a great, well-run organization which has a chance to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

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