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    Why Wash Fruits & Veggies?

    If pesticides are bad for you and you avoid “Roundup™ Ready” and other glyphosate-saturated produce, shouldn’t organic produce be ready-to-eat without washing?

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  • Healthy Food Storage

    Have you noticed on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all the fancy glass food storage options? Or maybe you’ve seen people eating out of glass bowls and jars at work.

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  • Choose a Healthy Restaurant by Learning to Read a Menu

    I’ve covered the importance of home cooking. Chewed the fat about fast food. But, I know that there are times when eating out is your only option. A work function. A party. A holiday. Or maybe you just want to try new foods and or celebrate an occasion without the fuss of meal preparation.

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  • What’s So Bad About Eating Fast Food?

    Last time, I talked about clean eating or at least making more healthy food choices. But, I know there are times when you’re hungry, pressed for time, and need to eat on the go. Many of you don’t get much time to home cook your meals and are tempted by row upon row of fast…

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  • What Constitutes Healthy Food

    There has been a lot of attention about eating more healthily. The Hippocrates quote, “Food is Medicine” is surfacing in all media. But, opinions differ on what constitutes healthy food.

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