Sex Abuse by Religious Groups Must Stop NOW

Barry Segal

Barry Segal

Founder | BIO

Suffering child with face hidden, sitting in a dark roomSex Abuse by religious groups must stop NOW.

If I owned five daycare centers and one of the teachers sexually abused a child, and I moved the abuser to another facility, then if I paid the parents of the abused child $20k to make amends, then I am legally a big part pf the problem. I am enabling the problem to exist, and I should be prosecuted.

Let’s make this a little worse… Say, I asked the parents of all the children to pay $10k, so we could take care of the abused. Do you think I am crazy? That is close to what the church does and has gotten away with for years.

Pope Francis is holding the Sex Abuse Summit February 21-24, 2019 in Rome. The focus is on the general protection of minors from sex abuse within the church. Pope Francis claimed he would deal with the problem. Hopefully, something concrete will come out of this conference and he will deal with the accomplices to these crimes.

It is time to end the sexual abuse and protect our children.

Barry Segal


Barry started Focus Autism in 2009 to advocate for vulnerable children who were more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses after being exposed to environmental toxins and other immunological triggers. In 2015, Focus for Health expanded its mission to include addressing how social determinants of health increase vulnerability to disease and ending child sex abuse.



Barry this will not stop until we put women in as leaders and teach men to integrate their own
feminine side. The church must also release the writings of female leaders in the church.
The church is currently a FRAUD.

Richard Reader

All victims deserve compensation for their pain and suffering. A lot of these “men of god” have turned to the opposite. They all have very materialistic things that go against all the teachings of every major religion. It is not fair that they still just pick on the Christians when the Muslims are starting to generate sharia controlled neighborhoods in our own country and Chassidic Jews in Monsey NY are open carrying in a very strict gun law state


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