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Barry Segal

Barry Segal

Founder | BIO

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Thoughts from Barry about the Electoral College

We feel that what is going on with all the protests will get attention, but we are not sure it will accomplish anything.

I feel the Electoral College (EC) is obsolete and should be abolished in 2024.

Only 12 other countries have it, and most are much smaller than the US.

In this country, the election seems to be decided by 7 swing states and peoples’ votes in other states do not count as much.

By eliminating the EC, we would ensure that everyone’s vote carries the same weight.

Eliminating the EC will also mitigate other countries from interfering with our elections.

Stay tuned for more information on how we can abolish the EC. In the meantime, sign the petition!

Read More on Barry’s thoughts and check out our billboard here!

Know Your Voting Rights!

Gerrymandering, Electoral College, and Felony Voter Disenfranchisement are all ways to suppress minority votes. Make sure your voice is heard!
Check the details for each state’s Felon Voting Laws here:…/electio…/felon-voting-rights.aspx

Barry Segal


Barry started Focus Autism in 2009 to advocate for vulnerable children who were more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses after being exposed to environmental toxins and other immunological triggers. In 2015, Focus for Health expanded its mission to include addressing how social determinants of health increase vulnerability to disease and ending child sex abuse.


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