There’s lead in the drinking water and N.J. city’s remedy ‘fails to protect residents,’ group says

February 23, 2019

Newark is right in our own backyard, and after covering the major water contamination issues in Flint, Michigan, we have been following this important local story. While it is well known that no lead level is considered safe, the lead levels in drinking water in Newark are said to have reached a 17 year high, with samples testing up to 3 times above the federally accepted levels. These numbers are extremely concerning.

In response, the NRDC, a water advocacy group which sued the city of Newark in federal court in 2018, is speaking out again. They have released a statement citing that Newark officials are not doing enough to protect residents with the free water filters they distributed. Instead, they ask that the city of Newark distribute more bottled water to help keep both children and adults safe from the effects of this known neurotoxin.

Steve Fleischli, senior director of water initiatives for NRDC, said the filter program “is woefully inadequate, and fails to protect residents from exposure to lead.”

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“The Flint water crisis is a failure at every level of government.” -OGR

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