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  • pic-hunter-and-me-2

    Share Your Story – Living with Food Allergies

    In the winter of 2006, we had the biggest scare of our lives as parents.

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  • 08-12-2016 Team pic

    Share Your Story: A New “Haven” for Autism in Ghana

    “Life-changing” is the word I’ve used most to describe my latest, and hands down, greatest adventure.

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  • 2016_4_18 Jonathan 2 square

    Share Your Story: Boy With Down Syndrome & Autism Gets A Service Puppy – And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

    Shadow is no ordinary puppy. He is responsible for caring for his emotionally and physically fragile best buddy, ten-year old Jonathan.

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  • 2016_3_30 From Tiny to thriving square

    Share Your Story: From Tiny to Thriving

    “I put my hand next to her head to show how small she was. My thumb was wider than her arms or legs.”

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  • 2015_12 Els family thumbnail

    Share Your Story: Ben Was Diagnosed With Autism

    A father’s story about his son, autism, and making a difference.

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  • video image - Beyond Celiac

    Share Your Story: Celiac Disease, Alice Bast’s Story

    Alice Bast always says the day she was diagnosed with celiac disease was the best day of her life. That’s because it’s the day she got her life back.

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  • 2015_10_14 iStock breast cancer awareness square

    Share Your Story: Defeating the “Breast Cancer Gene”

    A tale of three sisters: One woman shares how testing positive for the BRCA gene impacted her family, health and life.

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  • 2015_10_14 iStock Stay informed stay healthy

    Share Your Story: Surviving Lymphoma

    “At least I had been thinking of myself as young and healthy. The truth is, before the cancer diagnosis, I had absolutely no idea what the actual state of my health really was.” -A nurse and mother of three

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