Lawsuits Lay Bare Sackler Family’s Role in Opioid Crisis

Unsorted prescription pills sit in a pharmacist's counting tray before they are bottled.
The New York Times

April 1, 2019

New details of the Sackler family’s efforts to profit off of the opioid epidemic, which they had a hand in creating, were revealed in a lawsuit being brought against them by the attorneys general of Massachussetts and New York.

Even with the awareness of the hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths due to their products over the last two decades, it seems their corruption and greed knows no bounds. Internal documents show an initiative, called Project Tango, was created to research and develop drugs to treat opioid addiction and therefore become “end-to-end pain providers.”

But as the country’s addiction crisis worsened, the Sacklers spied another business opportunity. They could increase their profits by selling treatments for the very problem their company had helped to create: addiction to opioids.

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