I was sexually assaulted as a Boy Scout & won’t stay anonymous because I want to help others

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March 27, 2019

In a courageous move meant to help other known victims find the strength to come forward, Michael Mautone has written this opinion piece revealing himself as the victim of childhood sexual abuse by Rev. Kevin Gugliotta, his boy scout leader and then family priest. In 2003, Michael came forward and put in a complaint to the Archdiocese of Newark, but Gugliotta was only suspended for a year, and was then reinstated and assigned to St. Bartholomew’s in Scotch Plains, where he was put in charge of the youth ministry.

In a series of unbelievable moves, the Newark Archdiocese enabled this abuser by not taking the allegations seriously, reassigning him, and then allowing him unfettered access to more young teens.

Focus for Health applauds Michael’s bravery. One of our main missions is to support those who are prosecuting the institutions for their part in these crimes, which destroy young lives.

For those who know someone who was abused by a Catholic priest and want to report it, the NJ Attorney General has a Clergy Abuse Hotline. It is a toll free number, and is staffed by trained professionals24 hours a day, 7 days a week — 1 (855) 363-6548

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Additional info on NJ.com:

Here’s what you should do if you know someone abused by a Catholic priest in N.J.

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