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FFH has been a proud partner with My Gateway to Overcoming Autism in Life (MyGOAL Autism) since 2011.

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Based out of New Jersey, MyGOALS’s Mission is to support families facing autism.

They do this through education, marriage counseling, and advocacy as they navigate through the complex challenges associated with the journey of autism from diagnoses to recovery or a better quality of life. MyGOAL Autism is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization with a vision to restore lives and families affected by Autism through Education and Empowerment.

MyGOAL Inc® is a gateway to information regarding:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment(s)
  • Advocacy
  • Support Services for families
  • Enabling Families to have a Sound and Solid Life.

The foundation for the recovery of individuals affected by autism is a solid family. It is based on the principle that the family unit has to sustain through the journey for recovery from Autism. MyGOAL Inc will support and promote family focused education, counseling, and advocacy.

The incidence of divorce among families with special needs children is significantly higher than in other populations due to the impact of stress in the family. MyGOAL Inc® provides the resources and tools for families caring for individuals with autism. We believe when we RESTORE a CHILD with Autism, we RESTORE the FAMILY. Our focus is to reach out everyone especially those with lower socioeconomic means or in underserved areas.



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Did you know MyGOAL works internationally?

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    MyGOAL in Ghana

    The “Haven Project” is a global initiative of MyGOAL based in Africa with the vision of training and development of individuals with Autism and other intellectual disabilities.

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Please visit mygoalautism.org/ for more information about MyGOAL and the source information for this page.

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