CDC Rally for Truth and Transparency

15_1_14 barry

October 26, 2015

I just want to congratulate everybody on their efforts with the Atlanta CDC Rally. It looked like it went well and hopefully we will get some attention. Glad we were able to help. Sorry I wasn’t there.


Barry Segal, Founder of Focus for Health Foundation

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The CDC Rally was brought to you by VIAL

VIAL’s mission is to ignite compassion, understanding and respect in the area of vaccine-injuries. They believe vaccine-injuries are real and becoming more prevalent every day. The aim to inspire independent research and awareness such that parents make fully informed decisions regarding the scientifically proven risks associated with some toxic vaccine ingredients. They commit ourselves to preserving and/or restoring health choice freedom worldwide.


Mary Pulles Cavanaugh

Thank you so very much for your support. You helped give our movement new life. This will not stand!!!


Demand that toxins all toxic particles be removed!!!! Period! Use nontoxic ingredients or shove them up their own@$$€$, quit poisoning our babies for the hell of it, literally. No shots period til they are not dangerous cuz TOXIC IS DANGEROUS TO BABIES why are we as a society going along with this to ANY degree?? It tells you on the box ( but for how long and how completely) what it can do to the child and when you choose to do it, you choose that damage, that it says can happen


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