Autism and the Vaccine Debate

The debate over whether or not vaccines contribute to the development of autism is far from settled.
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Many families insist that their child developed normally, but then regressed into autism after receiving routine immunizations.

The official statement from the CDC is that vaccines do not cause autism, however the United States Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded financial compensation to parents of autistic children because vaccines could not be ruled out as the cause of neurological damage.

1986: Changes in Vaccine Policy

By the mid 1980’s, vaccine manufacturers were losing so much money from vaccine injury lawsuits that they threatened to stop production of life-saving vaccines in order to protect profits.

With the intention of preserving the vaccine program, Congress passed a new law, and those harmed by a vaccine could no longer sue the makers of the product that injured them. Instead, parents would now have to petition the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), funded by the government.

Exempt from any liability, pharmaceutical companies added vaccines for four new diseases,resulting in a total of ten extra shots before age one. These vaccines were now being given earlier in life than ever before.

From the 1940’s when the first autism cases were diagnosed, to the 1980’s when the vaccine schedule was expanded, the rate of autism remained relatively stable. In the early 1990’s, however, parents and physicians witnessed the beginning of the autism epidemic. In just one decade, the rate of autism increased 500%, from one in 2,500 to one in 500.

The CDC denies any connection, stating that “no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and autism.” This continued denial by the CDC comes in spite of the following:

  • In 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower, William Thompson, stated that he and other researchers “omitted statistically significant information” from their 2004 study funded by the CDC. The flawed study was used to support their position that there was no link between vaccines and autism. A reanalysis showed a connection between African American boys and a higher incidence of autism if they received the MMR vaccine prior to 36 months of age.
  • The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program awarded the family of Hannah Poling roughly $1.5 million for vaccine’s role in her autism related diagnosis. TIME wrote this in their 2008 article covering the story:

    “There’s no denying that the court’s decision to award damages to the Poling family puts a chink — a question mark — in what had been an unqualified defense of vaccine safety with regard to autism. If Hannah Poling had an underlying condition that made her vulnerable to being harmed by vaccines, it stands to reason that other children might also have such vulnerabilities.”

Thimerosal in Vaccines Today: Mixed Messages

The first cases of autism were diagnosed in children born during the 1930’s, when the first vaccines containing thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury, came on the market.

With the expansion of the vaccine schedule starting in the late 1980’s, the cumulative dose of thimerosal given to fully vaccinated babies went from 75 micrograms to as much as 187.5 micrograms in the first six months of life. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the highest safe amount of thimerosal for a six month old baby (of healthy weight) is 1.6 micrograms.

Despite recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1999 to remove all thimerosal from vaccines, today, infants as young as 6 months old are still receiving mercury in the form of thimerosal if they receive the multi-dose vial flu shots at levels higher than EPA safe limits. Although never tested for safety in pregnant women, these same mercury-preserved flu shots are also given during all trimesters of pregnancy.

From Both sides of the Thimerosal Debate:


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Autism and vaccines


Margaret Creamer

I am an adult born in 1961. I feel that I had/have severe mental illness as a child as well as as an adult. I have been diagnosed as a Borderline but I feel that is more than that. Please help.

Focus For Health Team

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for reaching out to us. We have sent you a private email in response to your comment.


If you want unbiased facts about vaccines, read

“Vaccine McCarthyism” by Global Research.

Of the many, many articles I’ve read in my research as a concerned parent of a toddler and infant, this was by FAR the most enlightening. Prepare to be shocked.


I have a friend who’s 12 year old son, has a problem looking one in the eye, cannot seem to show extreme happiness, like, “oh, boy, look at that ! “,
for example. He will get some wheat chex type cereal and only put one little block on his spoon at a time and eats in slow motion. He barely eats anything and is quite tall and very thin. He has a ‘thing’ where he will put his hand on his hair on the top of his head and push the hair gently forward when he gets stressed.
He is very, very kind, loves animals and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Animals love him too and he will sit there for an hour if he wants to, gently, quietly stroking the dogs in short briefs strokes. He was one that had all his shots as a young baby, the mother ‘doing the right thing’. Can these be symptoms of mild Asbergers? Please do not publish my name, you may use the initials LM. Thank you kindly (I’m this child’s Godmother)

lynn sparks

My son had problems with conversation growing up. We were told he was dyslexic because he was a slower learner. He was extremely athletic but coaches never played him because they did not like him. He is now grown with anger problems but will twist his hair when perplexed. He loves our dogs. His life is rapidly deteriorating. What can a young agult (born 1995) do? Please please help me. He is so worth helping! Lynn

Laura Kondek

I am not an expert, but the parent of 2 kids on the Autism Spectrum-he sounds a lot like my 13 year old son. I would go to a REPUTABLE place-a hospital that has an Autism department, can do the appropriate tests. If he is on the Autism spectrum, find a good therapist to help treat him through therapy; social skills groups, etc. We live in Michigan and all of the big hospitals in the Detroit area have great Autism Centers, that can diagnose, treat and refer for help.

Shahnaz Karim

Thanks for the offer, please keep me posting the latest research regarding vaccinations.


My son is married. He is successful at work but can’t keep a stress free marriage. He doesn’t get it that he must file paper work in time, he changes his mind constantly, he doesn’t get it when people say ‘no’ that they really mean ‘no’. He makes his children cry because he pushes everything to the limit until they get hurt. He can not attend to details such as getting new license plates when he moves. He will lie about doing paper work and not understand why his wife is mad that he hasn’t done it. Is he autistic? it’s more than ADHD.


Karol, my younger brother is autistic. Being autistic does not have anything to do with being a typical man. The things that you have listed above are signs of your son being, well a guy. Marriages are never going to be stress free. They take work, and you have to be willing to compromise. Men are typically indecisive, so this is also not to much of an issue. Also, guys tend to play roughly. Its just how they roll. Lying also does not have anything to do with being autistic. In addition, guys often say they don’t understand why their spouses are upset. So I don’t personally think any of the issues your concerned with really have anything to do with autism. If your honestly worried about this, have him evaluated, but really I do not see any reason to believe he has autism.

John T

A typical man? I don’t know who you spend your time with, but that is not a “typical” man. “Real”men handle their affairs, are very decisive (which is why most companies and militaries are run by men) and are very protective of their loved ones. Unless, of course, they’ve grown up emasculated by an overbearing, helicopter mom…

Connie Knight

I bought some books on autism because my 23 month old grandson was just diagnosed. As I read through, however, I was reminded of many events that happened during the childhood of my now 20 year old grand daughter. She has been told she has learning disabilities, but so many of the signs of autism fit her. I’m remembering things like hand flapping, no interest in other children, (which I took to be extreme shyness), sensitivity to noise, food allergies, being unaware of things happening around her. I don’t know how we missed it. What can be done for an undiagnosed adult with autism?

Focus For Health Team

Connie, thank you for your comment! We would recommend an evaluation by either a neurologist or a psychiatrist to rule out an autism spectrum disorder. Depending on your granddaughter’s symptoms, appropriate recommendations can be made to specialists that may be able to help her with her deficits.

Kim Carlisle Griffith

The only shot I think is linked to autism is the Rhogam shot. Most of the mothers I have talked to of these special children have had Rhogam shots. Out of all the pregnancy questions on book of questions that a person fills out before getting a child diagnosed, blood type and if the mom ever had a Rhogam shot is not asked. I believe that shot was not introduced until 1968. They originally waited until after the birth of a child and typed the blood before giving it to the mother. Now anyone with negative blood is advised to receive one during pregnancy and one after without the blood typing of the father. Research on the Rhogam shot even stated it can cause nuerological disorders and that’s exactly what autism is. Women should be more informed of this shot and the possibilities of things it can do, long before they even get pregnant if the have negative blood. I’m not saying it happens to every child after these shots but this shot seems to be a common in all the people I have asked that have the special children.

Loreita McCormick

I received a Rhogam shot after the birth of all three of my children. My youngest child, a 29 year old, exhibits unusual behaviors (getting up at mealtime and walking around the house), and has anger issues. He is high functioning -AP scholar in high school, graduated from UT-Austin, double major, and is now a teacher. He has no “real” friends, and plays video games with his free time. When he argues, he has logical, well-planned out information. He never recognizes when he is wrong, even with rational evidence. Could he be autistic?


Please contact me by email only.
My question is. . .can my almost 69 yr. old companion be autistic? His symptoms are:
highly intelligent with common sense, rarely makes eye to eye contact with me, is consumed with his military background of 3 years in Vietnam, did not make a go of 2 past marriages although a no nonsense person and worked hard and all hours, was diligent about paying child support, does not like blame placed on himself for anything, has an awesome memory re: almost all sports players, their backgrounds, their full names, their wives names and remembers who won which trophies, the scores of games years ago, knows history about almost any war you can name, is a stickler for rules to the point of being verbally abusive if someone slips up, his way of teasing is to falsely blame someone for something they said or did just to irritate them and watch them get upset then he laughs. He will eat only one or two meals out a year because he doesn’t like how they handle food. He is an avid reader of Vietnam war stories. He likes to critique how everyone else does things but dust and dirt can collect in his own house and that’s ok. We have been playing scrabble once each morning and afternoon for the past 8 years and is not a happy camper when I win occasionally. I agree he is great at scrabble but he gets very silent i”if” I happen to win sometimes. I am 77 and he is 69 but he expects me to be at his beck and call for whatever he wants to do and will always say “NO” when I want to do something. Sometimes if he doesn’t like the answer I give him, he will shout at me that he doesn’t like my attitude and storms out of my house. He just lives next door but he will fend for himself for one to 3 days and if I even say hi when I see him he takes it that all is well again, laughs (which he rarely does) and starts coming over again. He alone wants to decide what we make for dinner as anything I suggest is usually wrong for his pallet. . . .even when it is something he likes. . .it is just because “I” suggested it. He doesn’t like it when I greet him with “good morning” when he comes over around 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. and won’t answer most of the time. I am a morning person and always cheerful so it is stressful to me when someone whom I care about is such a grouch all the time. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he is highly regimented about his life and what he wears. Strictly black or dark blue shorts, beige or grey colored short sleeve shirts, tennis shoes and white socks. . . .never anything else.

I would like to know what I am dealing with here so please give me a clue through email as he doesn’t read my email but he does use my computer to look things up.


Gary Van Den Boom

I may have found a partial cause for the huge increase in autism rate, not related to the use of vaccines. If anyone at Focus For Health is interested in discussing this, please contact me ASAP.


Absolutely. ..Rhogam is a switch for Autism….

Hep B is too as is the infamous MMR.

MTHFR is key…

If mom and dad both have MTHFR then…no Rhogam or vaccines….find a vaccine friendly pedal and find a open ob..gyn

Trust me….I spent 9 years now…and $279,000 taking care of my beautiful Autistic son.

Rhogam, vaccines all are to incapatate us….Trust me I have relatives who are medical doctors .Two of them…..


I think to further our goal of convincing everyone we need to avoid being rational


Where did you find what the safe level of theylonal ia for babies? You didn’t cite your information was found so it is hard to site this as a trusted source.

Lynne Haywood

Child vaccinations are very important but I welcome a study into the safety issues.
I believe problems arise when the child to be vaccinated is already carrying a virus, possibly from a sibling – as was my son.
At the time of my son’s vaccination with MMR, his sister had mumps.
Therefore, it could be assumed that my son also had the mumps virus in him and that after the MMR vaccine, he had a double dose of mumps plus measles and rubella.
The medics were informed of my concern that my son could be carrying the mumps virus but they declared it was best to have the vaccine.
Consequently, the MMR vaccine caused my son’s brain to swell. He was a toddler but could no longer balance and walk.
Fortunately, my son recovered BUT this incident does prove a link between the MMR vaccine and the brain.
Check the child for developing measles, mumps, rubella. Is this possible?
AND possibly separate the triple vaccine into three separate vaccines?

Bobbie Lynn Brutsman

I know full well my grandsons autism was caused by the vaccinations! It’s time for the CDC to stop covering this up!

Bobbie Brutsman

Listen too thier whistle blower!what do you work for them ?hope your never affected by it if you have children of grandchildren!

Bobbie Brutsman

1in 41 children are now affected by it .they said by 2030 1in 2 will be don’t tell me we don’t have a problem!


Thank you so much for writing this article. I find it shocking that most people do not even want to entertain the idea that many vaccines might have harmful ingredients. It just seems like common sense to question whether a tiny infant should be pumped full of so many different chemicals at a time when their brains are so vulnerable. I stand with the parents. Shame on the CDC.


I recently had someone ask me if I ever thought I was High Functioning Autistic. I never thought about that. I am 30 years old. I have been diagnosed with Borderline and other mental illnesses. Now I am wondering if her question was actually inline??


Why is there a vaccine court system for vaccine damage causing autism? So far 4 billion dollars paid out .

Ed Momeni

Are ALL 200,000/YR AUTISTIC kids in the USA vaccinated ? If yes, then what is left to discuss?


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