“Vulnerable” one of seven banned words at CDC.

December 18 2017
Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health

I understand the CDC has been told to stop using the word “vulnerable”. That makes no sense.

When I first got involved in autism, I heard stories of different children with a history of earaches regressing into autism after vaccination. You have to realize that some children are more vulnerable to having reactions to vaccines (just look at the government-funded vaccine court). If you want to vaccinate them, you have to do it carefully, and at a later age. Definitely no catch-up vaccines (where they give many shots at one visit) for these children. It’s clear to me that there’s no interest in research or testing that would identify the ‘vulnerable’ child, when scientists and researchers at CDC aren’t even supposed to be using the word.


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Leslie Botha

Thank you for your thoughts Barry. Appreciate the awareness you bring to this issue. Our children are vulnerable. And censorship is not going to change that.


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