You Simply Have To Be Pro-Health

Barry Segal, Founder

March 26, 2015

Conflicting values are being pushed on all fronts regarding vaccine policy. All politicians are forced to declare their loyalty as “pro-vaccine” or run the risk of being labeled as an “anti-vaxer.” This type of medieval thinking is designed to shut down real conversation. There is no room to ask for a better vaccine, no room to ask for transparency about how the industry is regulated, or what the manufacturers know about their own product. There’s no option to choose one vaccine at a time, or when you get them. If you do not accept the product, in the form it is provided to you, when you are told to take it, then you are a zealot who opposes the entire concept of immunization.

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This is very surprising considering the major focus in healthcare is trending toward “individualized” medicine, and not the one size fits all approach they still use with vaccines. Vaccine injuries do occur, and some children are more vulnerable to injury than others. The children of the U.S. deserve the best, safest vaccines possible, and indeed much better than the formulations currently available on the market. You can’t just be for vaccines, you have to be for safe vaccines and sensible schedules.

In 1999, the government, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, said all thimerosal (which is 50% mercury) should be removed from childhood vaccines immediately, but the CDC let them go until 2003 when the ones on the shelves expired. Somehow it stayed in the flu shot, even though an Institute of Medicine’s Safety Committee said in 2001 that there wasn’t enough evidence to disprove claims that thimerosal was harming kids, and recommended that all shots for children be thimerosal free.

The same safety committee also said “full consideration” needed to be given to removing thimerosal from all vaccines that are given to any “infant, child, or pregnant women in the United States.” That didn’t happen. The single dose flu shot has less than one mcg of mercury, while the multi dose has 25 mcg per shot. By now, all flu shots should be and could easily be mercury-free.

The effects of flu vaccination on pregnant women have not been tested, and yet the CDC has no problem recommending administration of the shot during any trimester.

It’s common knowledge -but the media ignores it- that there is a lawsuit saying MMR has lost its efficacy. Instead of spending funds to improve it and make a better, safer vaccine, Big Pharma lobbies and pressures the media to force vaccinations.

They give the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn babies when 98% don’t need it. The healthiest countries don’t do that.

Gardasil is recommended for every child at 11 years old. This one prevents infection from 4 strains of the Human papillomavirus (HPV), but it could increase the risk for cervical cancer caused by other strains not included in the vaccine. To the vaccine manufacturer, it’s a financial success.

The MMR-V is a combination shot that causes twice as many seizures as giving the MMR and V (varicella) separately, and that’s in the package insert.

The vaccine question is not a simple ‘for’ or ‘against’ issue. Vaccination is necessary, but it is a given that vaccination causes adverse events in some recipients. It makes sense, then, that children with a history of ear aches, gut problems, skin rashes, etc, should be treated with more precaution, as potentially vulnerable, and be vaccinated differently.

Like I’ve said in the past, I’m pro-health. If a safe and effective vaccine accomplishes that, then I’m pro-vaccine. But the burden of proof is on those who recommend vaccines to prove they are safe and effective. That is not happening. We have to protect our “vulnerable children.” We need transparency, we need third-party testing, and we need a sense of urgency. We need to recapture the trust we once had in our government’s ability to protect us from the short-sighted profit-taking nature of corporations that both manufacture and test these products. Somebody has to be held accountable.

The economic structure of vaccine policy incentivizes companies to cheat, which they do often and with abandon. Big Pharma lies, distorts (only show positive test results), and lobbies (bribes) for favorable treatment. They break up vaccine lots so that the harmful effects from bad lots will be spread across the population, making production problems for which they might be liable less identifiable.When their products don’t work, more doses are recommended, adding to their windfall. When a company does get caught committing fraud, the fine they pay is far lower than the huge profit they’ve already collected from selling their fraudulent product. Examples are abundant.

There have been many indictments and whistleblower stories and nobody has the guts to fight the pharmaceutical companies.

I do.

Barry Segal

Barry Segal

Founder & President

Barry’s successful entrepreneurial career began over 45 years ago with the simple principle of always doing the right thing. When Barry sold his company, Bradco, in 2008, it had 150 branches. Barry continued this mantra in philanthropy as the founder of the Segal Family Foundation, Focus Autism Foundation, and Focus for Health. Each organization and project has something very important in common, a goal to improve the quality of life of as many individuals as possible. Learn more about our founders.

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Hello, I’m pro-health myself. Definitely more research needs to be put in the mercury that’s been discussed and should have been removed from the flu shot. Why hasn’t it?Why is the flu shot been pushed so much this year? I’ve given it to my children and I’ve taken it myself and yet I’ve been sick with a cold for over two months which prior to not having it I felt great. My children have been our if school over a week since given though needed flu shot. Why are many people questioning whether to take it or not and this year must of any other years past?


What gets me, is the fact that thimerosal was an ingredient in earlier versions of vaccines, but then once found to be dangerous, was able to be removed without affecting the supposed efficiency of the vaccine.

If the vaccine effectiveness remained without, why was thimerosal part of the ingredients in the first place?

Who decided “Hey, lets just add thimerosal for the h*ll of it!”, and further, how did they get away with doing so?


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