My thoughts on De Niro and Vaxxed

April 13, 2016
Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health

Robert DeNiro was on the Today Show this morning, and the interview quickly went to his feelings on Vaxxed, a movie FFH was happy to fund, being pulled from Tribeca. He said a lot of things that I agree with. He has an autistic child, his wife feels that he got the shot and then regressed. Their story is like so many others that I’ve heard – the child gets vaccines, and then immediately regresses, only to be diagnosed with autism later on. These parents shouldn’t be ignored. Unfortunately, the Tribeca sponsors, and even some of DeNiro’s own friends, don’t want these stories to be heard.

View the Vaxxed official trailer:

While a lot of the film focuses on William Thompson’s statements about how the CDC forced him and his co-authors to manipulate their data, the real story is that the CDC higher-ups are heavily controlling the message to begin with. They decide the outcome first, then they get their researchers to publish what they want.

Even if William Thompson came out and said that the original study was sound, and that timing of MMR isn’t a factor, the fact remains that the CDC has completely mishandled the vaccine/autism investigation since it first became an issue in 1998. They purposely designed a study to disprove Andy Wakefield, NOT to find the truth. Then they shut down all further research. Every news article reporting on it says the same thing – the science is settled. Since when are a couple of questionable CDC studies enough to serve as unequivocal fact, worthy of ending all related scientific inquiry?

DeNiro says “There is something there. All I wanted was for the movie to be seen. People can make their own judgement. But you must see it.” If vaccines are safe for everyone, and they don’t cause autism for anyone, then why are so many people so threatened by one movie?

The most important statement that DeNiro made was that there are some kids who just can’t handle some vaccines. You have to find a way to identify those kids. The CDC spends zero dollars on this effort. They refuse to even entertain the idea, because if researchers identify a subset of children that are more vulnerable, then that would open up the vaccine conversation to negotiation.

I won’t stop fighting for the “vulnerable child” – the one who can’t handle so many vaccines so early in life. You have to start listening to the parents’ stories and figure out which kids are susceptible to vaccine injury. Hopefully, Robert DeNiro won’t stop either and it seems that Bob Wright agrees with him.


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Thank goodness that Robert De Niro did the right thing and came out with it! The fact is that there are so many families that are affected by this and we deserve the truth!!!!

Ann Millan

Bob Wright agreed with Offit on last night’s Nightly News. I was very disappointed in his continued denial of vaccine reactions. it is critical we stay focused on Dr. Thompson and VAXXED. The CDC is going to try and manage or change the story. We need to keep it simply because this IS the story.


can you please link me to this nightly news conversation between Wright and Offit? I have looked for it but can not find it. Thanks

Kimberly Forbes

I was vaccine injured as an adult, so I applaud the efforts made by everyone to investigate. Hopefully, this conversation will eventually lead to all damages done by vaccines, such as autoimmune responses, cancers, heart disease and more. And then even further by other drugs.


I would like to add that as I’ve learned more how the immune system works, how little scientists still understand about immunity, how we are just now learning about the human microbiome, and how little we know about the effect vaccines have on the immune system and the body in the long run, I have come to the conclusion that if I had to do it all over again I would have refused ALL vaccines for my child. I do not think that it is understood that trying to manipulate the immune system in such an artificial way is truly an experiment on an unimaginable scale. Our children (and adults) are performing the role of guinea pigs in the Big pHARMa / CDC laboratory.


Thank you for fighting for the kids. For my kids. For my grandkids and my future grandkids.

Sherry Thorup

Big Pharma is out of control…vaccines are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m proud of Robert De Niro for speaking out…I know it must be difficult for him!

gerry o gorman

Courts in Italy and the vaccine courts in the USA already accept that these vaccines cause multiple types of injury and development disorders. The NVIC is a great resource.
Brucewitz versus wyeth is the important case that answers the questions of why we are where we are.

Dr Kenneth Tennant

Read how the U.S. Attacked me for being vocal on the Risks & Failures of Vaccines. Google : Kenneth Tennant (USA vs Veterans & the First amendment) & You tube: American Veteran: Discarded and Forgotten. I continue to fight the VA & SSA for the disability benefits promised, but not delivered. USDist Ct Judge-Southern Iowa- Davenport Division, Judge Ronald Earl Longstaff continues to delay my Ssdi claim 25 plus years. Dr Kenneth Tennant. 563 343 5565

Coral Vorster

I came to read about Dr Andrew Wakefield’s papers on the MMR vaccine when he was in the UK and the disgraceful and shocking way he was treated by the medical fraternity. Andrew i have always supported because in know the TRUTH about the FDA & the corruption of the medical fraternity in Britain. I knew with certainty he would be found to be correct – the truth cannot be protected by a bodyguard of lies. Well done Dr Andrew. Your name will be remembered by many and you have left a legacy in this world of corruption.

Coral Vorster

Congratulations Dr Andrew Wakefield. You were correct in your original paper,. i knew this many years ago. The medical fraternity tried to suppress the TRUTH by a bodyguard of lies which has been exposed. At last the world will acclaim your work.

Eric Durak

Dear Barry – I have been involved with the vaccine debate for over 20 years. I didn’t vaccinate my 2 kids based on research. I think that this issue is starting to bubble to the surface thanks to people like RFK, Jr, DeNiro, and non celebs like Brandy Vaughn and Suzanne Humphries. I would like to continue to read your thoughts on this issue, as many are interested in your thoughts. In health – Eric

Shelley Tzorfas

Due to the insight and support of Barry Segal of Focus for Heath, the film Vaxxed is beginning too reach millions and is on its way to China. A million thanks Barry!

Karen Morganti

Thank you for exposing the truth! So many drug companies in the USA are out to earn the big bucks. 4 of my children worked for several of these companies and witnessed first hand what was going on. I was never vaccinated, as my siblings, yet I understand the need for vaccinations to prevent epidemics. Yet our country has gone too far, with advertisements and paying off Doctors to encourage parents to give unnecessary vaccines to children that are too young to handle them. Thank goodness my peditrition recognized my concern and let me wait and only gave my children some required vaccines after the age of two. Please continue to encourage positive research in this area. I have worked with families with austitic children for many years, and I understand how difficult raising and working with them can be. The US is behind our colleagues in other countries!

Argentina ramirez

You thank them because they exposed the truth. However, they too they withdraw the movie from the website!

Is this exposing the truth or…in the end is doing what the big sharks are telling them to do?


Just wondering, since you funded the movie, wouldn’t have it made sense to see it through and advertise it, at least on billboards if TV was too much? making a movie and releasing it to those that were looking forward to it doesn’t spread the word about it to new audiences, just by word of mouth, and that so far hasn’t worked, a golden opportunity squandered.

Argentina Ramirez

The matter of fact is that in the end even Deniro isn’t talking about the issue anymore.

I made an extensive search in the internet and I actually could find scientific reports, even from American and European scientific and research organizations back to the late 90es, that indicates a found link between vaccines and cognitive illnesses in children.

Pharmaceutical industry succeed in their lobbying power to force social/mass media to withdraw information useful to the public to formulate their own opinions on the issue and ultimately to make their own decisions on whether or not getting vaccinated, as if we would really live in a real democracy it would be, I actually remark that the movie in question had been even removed from this website.

However, what they cannot do is to erase everything that was published in the vaste Internet. What they cannot also do, is to prevent people from talking, publishing and exchanging information. Lastly, they as well cannot prevent every and each ethical scientist with strong civic sense to open their mouth and say what they know. And this is why people refusing vaccinations are growing in number all over the world!


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