Should we be worried about CDC’s proposed travel rules?

September 30,2016
Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health
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Traveling but not feeling well? If the CDC gets their way, you’ll be at risk of detainment if you are traveling interstate through US airports, train stations, or bus terminals, with or without obvious symptoms. On August 15th, the CDC announced its proposal to more effectively prevent the spread of certain communicable diseases in the US. The CDC wants to improve the reporting of ill travelers, so non-medical personnel (flight attendants, Customs and Boarder Control employees, etc.) will be trained to look for a whole list of symptoms, like a flushed face, glassy eyes, skin rash, and chills that could potentially be symptoms of quarantinable communicable disease.

These signs, typical of the common cold or flu, are enough to warrant isolation under these new rules.

While detained against your will, you can be subjected to a medical examination as part of a Federal order for quarantine, isolation or conditional release, and held for 72 hours, while authorities wait for the results of forced medical tests to determine your health status and potential public health risk. It’s amazing the CDC wants the ability to federally order the medical examination of a traveler that can include a physical examination and the collection of human biological samples for laboratory testing, for a traveler who might only have the flu.

Although the CDC wants travelers to enter into an “agreement” to authorize any of these public health measures (including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination hospitalization, vaccination and treatment), the “agreement shall not be considered as a prerequisite to the exercise of the CDC’s authority under this part.”

But if you violate that ‘agreement’? You face possible prison time or substantial monetary fines.

In the wake of losing the SB277 battle that stripped Californians of their rights to withhold vaccinations based on personal beliefs, and the recent passing of HPV vaccine mandates in others states, our elected officials are now ramping up their effort to further infringe upon American’s rights.

The CDC is requesting public comments on this rulemaking through written views, recommendations, and data regarding the proposals.

You can learn more about the proposals and how to comment in our article, “The New Rules the CDC Hopes We Don’t Notice.”


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This control can be misused and abused.

Definitely not in the best interested of an individual.

Melissa Wood

This is an infringement on our personnel rights. Are we a free country or not?


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