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Feel free to share this infographic on self care. Part of our mission is education surrounding chronic illness. Focus for Health strives to educate the public, medical professionals, and government of the connection between harmful environmental exposures and chronic illness, as well as how to minimize exposures and maximize health. In doing so, FFH supports the right of every individual to make educated health decisions based on informed consent.

  • Food is Medicine: Eat more whole foods like fruits & vegetables and avoid sugar and processed foods.
  • Watch your “toxic load”: Be aware of all ingredients going into you body (environment, food, medicine).
  • Reduce Stress: Practice mindfulness, meditate or do breathing exercises.
  • Get Enough Sleep: If you’re tired, REST! This is essential to healing.
  • Move Your Body: Exercise every day to stay in shape and stay sharp.
  • Know your body: Monitor changes in you system, and keep track of and understand your lab work/test results.
  • Express Gratitude: Counting your blessings helps you keep a positive attitude.
  • Get Outside: Don’t be afraid of sunshine and fresh air; a little sun without sunscreen can be good for you.
  • Research: Never put your health in someone else’s hands and always ask questions.

Stay Informed. . . Stay Healthy!

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