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The Focus for Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to the information necessary to make optimal health decisions for themselves and their families.
The mission of the Focus for Health Foundation (FFH) is to promote advocacy, education, and research to combat the rise of chronic illness occurring around the world. We support efforts that increase public awareness of the connection between hazardous environmental exposures and the immune system, and address how social determinants of health and inequality within populations creates vulnerability to disease.
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Barry Segal has touched many lives in many ways in his past, present and will continue to do so in the future. His philanthropic interests began with the Segal Family Foundation, which provides approximately $10 million annually to Sub-Saharan Africa grass roots organizations which promote education, health, and family planning. Adding the Focus for Health Foundation to his legacy of altruism, Barry plans to bring about positive change by finding the cause of the problem, solving the problem and getting things done more efficiently and effectively.

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About Focus for Health

The Focus for Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to the information necessary to make optimal health decisions, which will inevitably lead to a healthier population.

Focus for Health was born out of Barry and Dolly Segal’s desire to put an end to the needless harm of children caused by damaging environmental factors. It all started with a plane ride when Barry sat next to a woman with a severely autistic son and they began talking about the young boy’s poor health. Over the next few months, similar stories of sick children led Barry to realize there is a vulnerable population who is more likely to suffer from chronic illness due to environmental assaults. As time went on, Barry began to realize that not only was autism rising, but chronic health conditions among children in the United States had more than doubled, from 12.8% in 1994 to 26.6% in 2006. He couldn’t help but ask: why does the country that spends more per person on health care than any other nation suffer from such deteriorating health? In their search for answers, Barry and Dolly uncovered the dramatic impact social determinants, including inequality within populations, is having on public health. Utilizing research gained through collaborations within the scientific community, FFH strives to educate the public on ways to protect the ‘vulnerable child’ from environmental harm. FFH actively educates the community about factors that may contribute to the rise of chronic illnesses, as well as interventions to limit negative influences, specifically in vulnerable populations. Focus for Health promotes projects that create awareness of the dangers that a highly toxic environment presents for susceptible individuals, and improve the landscape of health in the U.S. and around the globe.

Goals Pursued with integrity, transparency, and urgency

  • Education
  • FFH strives to educate the public, medical professionals, and government of the connection between harmful environmental exposures and chronic illness, as well as how to minimize exposures and maximize health. In doing so, FFH supports the right of every individual to make educated health decisions based on informed consent.
  • Collaboration
  • FFH is committed to fostering collaborations with scientists, medical professionals, government, and the public on initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence of autism and chronic illness. We also work with partners who seek to ensure all health recommendations are driven by safety, efficacy, and public benefit.
  • Research
  • FFH encourages innovative research focused on improving public health, specifically in underserved communities. This includes investigation into scientific misconduct by government, industry, and academic institutions that negatively impacts the health of vulnerable populations.