Meet Shannon Mulvihill, RN, ED

Registered Nurse and Executive Director of Focus for Health Foundation

executive director

Shannon has worked as a nurse for over 22 years, and most recently worked as a supervisor in a long-term care facility before joining Focus Autism in 2011. When our organization transitioned to Focus for Health in 2015, she took on a more pivotal role as Program Director, and was instrumental in bringing our founder, Barry Segal’s, vision to the public through her research, writing, and editing contributions. In June of 2016, Shannon was named Executive Director of the foundation.

Through her extensive personal experiences, Shannon was able to connect patterns of environmental harm to clinical manifestations of disease and illness. While working in the community, Shannon became concerned with the overall rise in chronic disease and also developed an interest in connecting environmental exposures to negative health outcomes in the population.

I really believe that, through our work at Focus for Health, we can start to make a difference in health outcomes of vulnerable children by arming parents with the information they need to make the best decisions for their families.

-Shannon Mulvihill

Shannon is a mom of three, a grandmother of 2, and a cancer survivor. Ensuring that every person has the freedom to choose their own path to wellness, and that all individuals have access to the information they need to do it, has become her passion.

Stay Informed. . . Stay Healthy!

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Dennis Walto

Congratulations Shannon!!! Look forward to working with you in your new capacity and helping children and families in the United States to STAY INFORMED & STAY HEALTHY!

Leslie C Botha

Congratulations Shannon! Well deserved. I have enjoyed working with you over the years and believe in your ability to take on this prestigious honor. Best wishes, Leslie


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