Is my child at risk for a vaccine reaction?

Question 4 of A Parent’s Guide to Vaccines: A Conversation About Vaccines for New Parents

2015_11_4 is my child at risk for a vaccine reactionRisk for a vaccine reaction can depend on multiple factors – the type of vaccine being given, that vaccine’s side effects, strength of the individual’s immune system, family history for certain autoimmune diseases, or if the individual has been or is currently sick.

The National Vaccine Information Center recommends asking the following 8 questions prior to vaccinations:

  • Am I or my child sick right now?
  • Have I or my child had a bad reaction to a vaccine before?
  • Do I or my child have a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, neurological disorders, severe allergies or immune system problems?
  • Do I know the disease and vaccine risks for myself or my child?
  • Do I have full information about the vaccine’s side effects?
  • Do I know how to identify and report a vaccine reaction?
  • Do I know I need to keep a written record, including the vaccine manufacturer’s name and lot number, for all vaccinations?
  • Do I know I have the right to make an informed choice?
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