Healthcare Worker’s Mandates and Exemptions for the Flu Shot

With flu season rapidly approaching, we are going to start seeing and hearing more and more advertisements to “get your flu shot!” The flu shot is one vaccine that, while hotly debated, is more acceptable to refuse. The yearly flu vaccine conversation is routine and expected – and the arguments are all very familiar. 2015_11_6 healthcare workers flu shot squareMany people don’t want to get the immunization because they say it doesn’t work, or because they got sick the last time they had it. Others decide to get it because they were told that it will keep them from giving flu to a loved one, or because their doctor told them they should. The important thing is that you have a choice. No one is telling you that you have to get it . . . unless you are a health care worker. Most states do not require healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine, but a growing number of hospitals and health care facilities are mandating it as a requirement for employment.

The Ethics of Mandated Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

There are four major concepts that all healthcare workers subscribe to: non-maleficence, beneficence, autonomy, and justice.

  • Non-Maleficence means to “do no harm.” It is the duty to protect patient’s safety.
  • Beneficence is similar to non-maleficence, but it means to do good.
  • Autonomy is the right to make informed health care decisions without undue influence or pressure.
  • Justice is being allowed or given what is deserved.

Those that support healthcare worker mandates of the flu vaccine argue that it is the ethical duty of healthcare workers to be vaccinated based on the concepts of non-maleficence and beneficence. It is argued that the flu vaccine is the best way to protect immunocompromised patients from getting the disease, therefore, if a healthcare worker refuses the vaccine, they could be causing harm and violating their ethical duty.

Those that argue for healthcare worker rights bring up interesting counter-points. First, if healthcare workers are forced to get the flu shot, they are being denied their own autonomy to make health care decisions. Second, being denied a job because of religious, philosophical, or personal medical concerns with vaccines is unjust.

Which side does the research support?

The answer: It’s split.

One analysis which compiled the results of three previous trials found that there was no evidence that vaccinating healthcare workers prevented any flu cases or associated complications in patients living in senior residences.

Another review of the same three trials plus a fourth came to the conclusion that vaccinating healthcare workers did not prevent any flu cases in patients, but it did show a moderate to low impact on decreased mortality from all causes and influenza-like-illnesses.

The notable difference between these two results was that the first analysis counted patients who tested positive for flu, while the second trial included all patients who looked like they had flu or “influenza-like-cases,” not just confirmed flu cases.

There are an estimated 200 virus that have “influenza-like” symptoms, and the vaccine only protects against 3-4 strains of the flu. Data from studies that include viral illness not confirmed to be influenza could present inaccurate results.

More, there are major limitations and concerns about the flu shot.

There have been many years when the flu vaccine was mismatched with the circulating flu virus. When this occurs, getting the flu shot it may not work at all. Between 2005 and 2015, the efficacy of the flu shot varied from 10-60 percent.

Mild side effects of the flu shot can include mild soreness, redness, or swelling at the injection site, cough, fever, headache, hoarseness, fatigue, and aches. Symptoms of the flu include: cough, fever and chills, headache, sore throat, fatigue, and body aches.

The CDC also lists the following as “moderate problems” associated with the flu vaccine:

  • As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a serious injury or death.
  • Young children who get inactivated flu vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine at the same time may be at increased risk for seizures caused by fever.

Definitive evidence that vaccinating all health care workers actually improves patient’s health during flu season is needed before health care workers should be forced to submit to an intervention that has a potential to cause them harm.

The real question is…

Can employers mandate that their employees be vaccinated with the influenza vaccine when the benefits are not universally acknowledged?

Alternatives to mandates:

Multiple studies have shown that implementing campaigns and strategies within hospitals to reach those healthcare workers that have not gotten vaccinated can be successful to boost immunization rates.

Wearing surgical face masks is an effective way to prevent flu.

Not convinced that mandating flu vaccines impose on healthcare workers’ rights? Check this out:

    • Flu shot mandates affect all employees regardless of pregnancy status. Inflammation caused by immunizations poses a special risk to pregnant women. If flu shots were mandated for all healthcare workers this would place these babies at risk. For more information on this please read Maternal Health and Inflammation.
    • Many flu shots still contain thimerosal, a form of mercury used as a preservative, which is a known neurotoxin.

So, can employers mandate that their employees be vaccinated with the influenza vaccine when the benefits are not universally acknowledged? No. Reasonable doubt about the efficacy and safety of the flu shot in combination with evidence which shows that proper use of surgical face masks can prevent influenza transmission and that educational programs in hospitals geared at healthcare workers have shown successful increase in immunization rates makes it unethical to deny healthcare workers their right to autonomy and justice.

Please share this article to help us stand up for those healthcare workers that work to stand up for us.

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Mandatory flu shot for healthcare workers is very disturbing to me. Especially in a society that we feel compelled to accept all types of behaviors and lifestyles, yet when someone doesn’t want to comply with the flu shot they are ostracized beyond belief. To try to reason with those in authority is fruitless. Unfortunately it will probably take someone in authority having a really bad reaction or death, before eyes will be open


I just received my flu shot and it was not my choice. I am in Healthcare but not in patient care. Effective in 2017, ANYONE who works in this hospital is required to have a flu shot. If you fail to get the flu shot, you will be terminated and the deadline is 10/31/17. I have looked for any options and could not find it. I have never had a flu shot (until today) and I have not had the flu in over 30 years.


According to CDC, hospitals cannot legally require you to have a flu shot. You can offer to wear a mask as it has been proven to be just as effective. Otherwise, sue for wrongful termination on the grounds of violating your autonomy.

Mel c

My school is saying that the hospitals are mandating we must get our flu shot and there is no way around it or else we cant do clinicals as a nurse there. I feel my rights are being denied. I would rather wear a mask, can I sue?


The mandates have nothing to do with patient safety. Flu shot mandates started to be implemented when hidden American Healthcare Act regulations started to take effect, e.g. reporting requirements, and then recently in 2016-2017 2% Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement if 90% of staff are vaccinated. Mandates have gained steam when Influenza vaccine performance has been terrible. The actual effectiveness rate (not estimated, but adjusted actual that’s done at the end of the flu season) from the CDC over the last three years has been 19%, 47% & 42%. Cochrane Collaboration Organization (well respected organization that studies studies/research) has shown no to minimal effectiveness. The CDC even stopped recommending the Flu Spray for young children this past year due to the lack of effectiveness. On top of the poor performance of the flu shot common side effects that mimmic the flu, fever, headache, body aches, etc., go underreported. Hygiene and masks work better than the shot. There are reasonable accommodations Institutions can provide workers. Instead they push a false narrative and hide the financial earning potential from their policies and flu shot program materials. Unethical.

Melynda mirelrs

I do not think an employer should be able to force u to take a flu shot that is a violation of rights I do not want to take it I don’t need it it should be up to me cause I don’t want that s*** in my body employers are going to far now a days making it mandatory to take the flu shot u got a bunch of —— sitting at a table making your decision on flu shots and making u take it I am being violated I do not want the serum in my body at all never had it before I do not know what’s in it I do not I repeat I do not trust the government and never will


I agree, I don’t want the flu shot either. They are saying if I don’t take it then I will have to wear a mask for the full 8 hour worth day for 6 MONTHS. I haven’t had the flu since I was a child. Those masks are so hard to wear, you can’t breath after 4 minutes and the sweating underneath is just as bad. I hate this. They put you in a corner until you just give in and take the damn shot so they can get the damn money.

Mary Stead

My son has the same experience. Wearing the mask has caused a blister behind his ear, it is difficult to breathe or talk and has caused increased anxiety. He works in an office of the Health Dept. working on a computer. Several of his co workers have had “flu” symptoms and came into work coughing and sneezing. That was OK, no mask for them was required.


I agree. I do hair in a nursing home and chose not to get the shot. We are required to wear the mask when we are around the clients, and out room is so small. It is way too hot in there on the first place and with a mask on,its even worse.


If everybody refused to receive the flu shot, then there would be no issue. That is a real shame.


I totally agree ~ we need to stand up for our rights as to what is injected into our body.


I wonder if Japanese masks would be more comfortable? They have a lot more options. However the real question is, would hospitals allow you to wear one instead of the standard type?

Susannah Hutto

Its a scare tactic and It’s freaking ridiculous seriously! It’s my right to say no and not do something I strongly believe is bad against my body.


I’m a RN with 27 years experience. In years past we have been given the option to decline the flu vaccine and wear a surgical mask, however this year we have only 2 options of filing a religious or medical exemption. We have been told that our exemption requests would be reviewed and they would get back to us individually. Mine is written and turned in according to hospital policy. I never thought it would get to this point but it has. Sadly, I have been at the same entitety my whole career. I guess if I’m denied my nursing career is over. Very sad.


I am having the same issues at the healthcare facility im employed with. How were you able to obtain a letter stating told today 11/10 that if i don’t have the necessary paperwork by monday 11/13 disciplinary action is gonna be taken

April young

So the medical doctor has to put it in writing or what I’m confused my hospital requires that also I turned in a prescription that’s a medical exemption for flu that’s all I had on there and they turned it down and said I need to look at the policy I don’t know what else to do. Is my doctor supposed to write the reason on a letter?

Mari Ara

It’s too late to deny the flu shot this season. I did not want to receive the flu vaccine because I just found out I am pregnant. I was told I must get a doctors note during pregnancy either to receive or not to receive vaccine. Due to my recent pregnancy, I didn’t have enough time to see an OB-GYN prior to the opt out deadline. I was forced to get the flu vaccine in fear of being suspended from my employer.

Amont Sparrock

I was denied to go to my orientation over the phone because I object the physical for the flu shot because of my bonafide religion beliefs and practice. The hospital is Southern Maryland MedStar Hospital this happen today. Where do I go to fight this because the state law states if I eject the hospital must Grant me due to bonafide religion beliefs and practices. This was told to me over the phone so basically to me this is hearsay but I receive a written documentation to appear at my orientation November 13th I will still go because if I don’t then they can say I refuse and because I didn’t show up I no longer will be employed. I question is where do I go to file lawsuit or charges against the hospital for denying me employment due to my bonafide religion beliefs and practices. I know I must first show to the orientation to show proof that the hospital denied me at this point I know it’s basically hearsay a phone conversation that is not proof of being denied.

John Chaulklin

I have worked at the same hospital 37 years in facilities. Every year I miss a week or more of work after I get flu shot. This year I signed declination and have to wear a mask when out of my shop . I hate to wear a mask but I just won’t do this vaccine again. I feel the risk outweighs the gain and who knows what long term problems it is causing us. I can’t find out when this mandated program started anywhere. Does anyone know?


I am a remote health care worker. I work 100% from home and am two states away from the nearest patient. And still required to get a flu vaccine or face termination. No one can tell me how it will benefit anyone, but no exemption allowed.

Julie Gordon

I totally agree and am appalled at the number of nurses who have been fired over this issue. I have mixed feeling about wearing the mask. I do believe this is a violation of my HIPPA rights as it basically tells everyone I chose not to get vaccinated which frankly is none of their business.

R. Shore

I am a healthcare worker, who has been unable to work for a year due to debilitating fatigue which was caused/triggered by getting flu shots 3 years in a row. This was confirmed by 2 doctors. It was mandatory to get the shot or wear a mask. So the industry has contributed to making me sick an unable to work. I will now no longer work full time because of this. I will never get a flu shot again, as in the future the doctor warns I may not recover this time. I will work part time and wear a mask. If they keep this up many of us who cannot handle it will not be able to work and this will decrease the number of healthcare workers providing the care.


I have not seen in any of the above comments of premium hiking. I have to wear the mask and was subject to an increase in my premium $60 every month. Considering i earn least than $14.50 an hour and over $300 in premiums for 2 persons, a BIG DENT in my take home pay.

Mary F Stead

That is awful and there should be some legal action against your premium going up


What about my healthcare privacy? No one has addressed the fact that any and all vaccinations are part of my healthcare record and according to the law of the land, these records are protected under HIPPA. My employer is asking my Dr. to provide detailed information as to why he believes the influenza vaccine would be contraindicated for me. I should think his recommendation against the vaccine should be sufficient.


I work for Baylor Scott and White health in Texas and they require a written request of religious exemption. You must explain your deep religious reasons for exemption and a committee will review it and either approve or deny the request. Even if the exemption is granted then you are required to wear a mask in any area where patients might be which is the whole hospital. If they catch you with the mask off off for even a few seconds anywhere in the hospital you can be written up or fired.

Mary Stead

My son works for the county health dept in the office. He refused the shot, wrote a paper with resources for his religious beliefs, included research he had done on the vaccine. They permitted him to not get the shot but had to wear the mask. He has developed a blister on the back of his ear, anxiety from wearing it 8 hour straight, and difficulty in breathing.

Beth Ann Taylor

What religion did he say he was and would he share his paper, for others please on this site?

Thank you!!

Michelle Webb

I am soo personally disturbed by all the comments I’ve read on here! I agree with every single one. I am in the same predicament now. My employer is forcing flu shots, and my detailed exemption letter expressing my beliefs that my personal rights are being violated since I am being forced to conform to everyone else’s beliefs. My request was denied and my bosses and several other people were CCd on the email. I don’t think it’s fair or right that they are threatening to suspend me or revoke my pay if I don’t get it. My coworker has been out of work for the last 12 weeks for a reaction he received from another forced vaccination (not the flu, but still). It’s scary to not know what is in the shot or how your body will respond to it. Also the risks seem to outweigh the benefits since unnecessary harm can come to the individual. And lastly I opted out of both the flu shot and another forced vaccination and only my flu shot exemption is being called into question here and I think it’s clear why. Hospitals receive a kickback from Medicare and Medicaid if they can get 90% of their staff to have a flu shot. That is extremely unethical in my mind and needs to stop. I wish there was something more that I can do. I’ve been looking for work for the last year and haven’t found anything yet, so it’s either continue to work there, have my pay revoked, or just quit on moral grounds, but I unfortunately need the money to pay bills and survive, so the question is, do I conform, or stick to my beliefs?


I want to get into nursing school, but the immunizations I will be required to have contain ingredients I’m very allergic to. I don’t know how I can get around this.

Frank Mellert

My employer made me get a flu shot, I didn’t want to. I’ve never had one before, and they threatened me with unpaid time off (a nice way of saying do this or its your job). I think the risks out way the benefits, I may have never gotten sick, but now I have to worry about what’s in the shot they gave me. I think it’s wrong overall to make adults get sick because the drug companies want to make their money.


I have to wear a mask until April, after flu season is over. I wear glasses and they fog up while wearing the mask, isnt this a more of a risk since my vsual path is not clear. It also muffles my voice. Could cause an erroneous medical confusion with a script.

Don blackman

I am a delivery person for John’s Hopkins is a hospital in m Baltimore md. They want me to get a flu shot they will let me go. Your opinion


I have been told that I cannot work in a hospital registering patients if I don’t get the flu shot.

steve castrejon

I (refused) flu shot at my work site its an elderly health daycare, there making me use a mask for six months.. those anyone know for how long i need to wear the mask?

Wanda DeLong

The facility I work at is requiring the flu vaccine. I, however, have received a religious exemption but told I will need to wear a mask until April. I’m currently in a MSN program and am second questing if I want to work in the medical field. We are told to respect our patients rights but our rights to chose is being taken. Inflammation has been shown to be the number one cause of cancer and yet we put mercury in our body and cause an inflammatory process. I’m questioning where this is going when one is forced to conform to someone else’s ideas. Where’s the evidenced based practice?


Im feeling violated because I should have the right to refuse poison to be injected into my body ! I have never taken the flu vaccine and if I don’t take it i can’t accept this job!


I too was just refused a job offer. They were so excited to have me come on board. The director of HR called as I sat in her office she called to send me over for my physical with excitement . Then she asked, “Do you take the flu shot?” My answer was “no“ and I told her why when asked. All brakes were pulled. No more religious exemptions in NYC. She took back all the papers she handed me and let me know I could not be hired without taking the flu shot. So I’m still unemployed. I’m wondering what do people do in my situation; I’m a trained healthcare worker age 55. I’m not looking to go back to school at this age. Seems like trouble is here to stay and poverty is on its way.


I too was just refused a job offer. They were so excited to have me come on board. The director of HR called with excitement to send me over for a physical. Then she asked, “Do you take the flu shot?” My answer was “no“ and I told her why when asked. All brakes were pulled. No more religious exemptions in NYC. She took back all the papers she handed me and let me know I could not be hired without taking the flu shot. So I’m still unemployed. I’m wondering what do people do in my situation; I’m a trained healthcare worker age 55. I’m not looking to go back to school at this age. Seems like trouble is here to stay and poverty is on its way.


I suspect that the real reason hospitals want their staff vaccinated is because they would have no one to take care of the patients when non-vaccinated staff contract the flu from the patient population. Think about it, what are the chances of a non-vaccinated nurse catching the flu from a flu patient in the hospital…..probably close to 100% right? It’s not about nurses being ethical by not bringing in the flu, it’s certainly non-ethical for hospitals to tell nurses that they’re bringing in the flu when the real reason they want $taff vaccinated i$ to keep their corporate hospital$ door$ open.


If the chance of catching the flu from a patient with the flu was 100% then even the vaccinated staff woulfd catch it seeing the flu shot is only 10 to 30%effective at best.


None of these comments have mentioned the statistics on decreasing flu and medical complications when flu shots in employees are increased. There is a clear decrease in flu related complications for children, elderly, sick, and pregnant patients, when employees get flu shots – take a minute to actually pull these numbers. It’s sad that so many commentors care more about themselves then potentially seriously harming others by not getting the shot. I am thankful hospitals are requiring this, because I don’t want to go to a hospital or have a loved one go and get sicker or die because an employee transmitted the flu to me/them. If you don’t like it, go work somewhere where it is not mandatory and you wont seriously harm someone else.


People that do not get the flu shot cannot affect those that do. Any harm brought on to someone else is clear indication of an ineffective flu shot.


First off, I support autonomy. That being said, there is an issue with your statement. It is true that people who are vaccinated should be immune to that which they are vaccinated against, the issue being people who are unvaccinated can be effected by others who are unvaccinated such as patients and children. This is what they call “the herd” philosophy, where self rights infringe on group rights and vise versa. This is a case where the many outweigh the few. In my personal opinion, self care is very important, considering the fact that there have been incidents of malpractice and one cannot guarantee in layman’s terms what is truly in these microscopic injections. There is plenty evidence of risk on both sides; so, money wins.


Is it a fact that the numbers actually decrease? Even the years that the flu vaccine isn’t effective? What of the people who cannot safely have the vaccine? Should they simply be fired to accommodate the statistics?


So you care more about strangers than your own health? The truth of the matter is… the flu shot is not proven to increase or decrease anything. Read that again. NO PROOF. The statistics you believe, are actually grouping illnesses with flu like symptoms, not confirmed flu cases, most of the deaths you see in the “statistics” are from pneumonia.

K dye

If the flu shot is ineffective because the flu strand that year was not included in the mass produced flu vaccine that was made prior to knowing what flu would be going around that year how is that protecting anyone. False sense of security. The only reason it is being mandated is to get the governmental funds for reaching a determined compliance rate. It is always about the $$ not your health.

Jessie W

When you say, “commenters care about themselves more than potentially seriously harming someone else” you are misleading and creating a straw man argument. If i had the flu I would stay home. Does this mean I am somehow harming someone else? How about if I never get the flu? What if I do get it and my neighbors contract it from me, this means they could potentially die? This is such a stupid argument built on uncertainties. People like you help destroy the democratic processes of our country. How about I apply your concept another way: If you accept this flushot at work because there mandatory, then your job is more important to you then potentially harming someone else’s freedom and liberty. This regulation does not conform with our constitutional beliefs, period.


I worked for a large health care provider BUT NOT IN PATIENT CARE, not even in the same building as patients. They switched to a mandatory vaccine this year with only two considerations for medical contraindications; Guillain -Barre and Anaphylaxis. (Or religion). I have a different medical issue concerning a reaction to the vaccine. I acquired the required letter from my physician which they promptly rejected. I was terminated. I have two major concerns aside from losing my job. One – I believe it is my right to decide if I put something into my body that can HARM ME. Two – what’s next? If employers are allowed decide what is right for an employee’s health where does it end? I’m not usually the one to be so paranoid but is this the beginning of something we don’t want in our society? All that said, I’ve been out of work for 9 weeks. My employer is fighting my unemployment claim. All this after working for them for over 10 years. :/


A hysterical provaxx woman was shouting people down the other day when I put the question to her this way, “So you believe that a woman should be forced to have a foreign substance injected into her body against her will, or lose all of her income?” The question had never been put to her that way. She stared hemming and hawing and talking in circles and finally admitted, “No.”


I am not even a healthcare worker, but my chemist really pushed me to book for a flu shot, and I ended up paying for it. I am a healthy person not yet in my sixties, and I don’t really want this. But I feel it was almost forced on me . I wasnt really asked, more like told.


I’m so grateful to read all of your comments and experiences. Last year I wore the mask. This year, they will require me to wear the mask starting in the parking lot, non-stop, until I’m back in the parking lot to leave. I’ve been contemplating taking the shot this year. I just try to convince myself that it won’t hurt me, but then the anger kicks in. About being forced regarding my personal healthcare decisions. It’s horrifying to think some of you have lost work because of this; at least I am not facing that decision. This year. I could qualify for a religious exemption, but they don’t ask for that. What I really, really resent is having to wear my decision on my face for everyone–co-workers, managers, patients, families, physicians–to see. This reveals my private health information to everyone. People come to work all the time with actual illnesses and spread them around, but they don’t have to wear something on their faces. I am convinced it has much less to do with spreading the flu than with meeting the 90% in order to avoid penalties related to Medicare reimbursement. $$$$$

Patricia Skidd

Are you able to share your religious belief , Shelly? The flu shot is mandated where I work which is Physical Therapy for orthopedic patients. They do give the option of medical or religious reasons. I’m relatively healthy but a year ago had a total shoulder replacement. I’m concerned my immune system may have been compromised, especially since I’ve been unable to put weight back on.

I was told at the very beginning that I could opt out and wear a mask. After jumping through hoops and needing to see my primary care physician and having her sign off on a letter indicating that the medicines I am may have contraindications

I am against getting the flu shot this year at my place of employment (hospital). I was told at the very beginning that I could opt out and wear a mask. After jumping through hoops and needing to see my primary care physician and having her sign off on a letter indicating that the medicines I am may have contra indications they made me go through another series of steps. We are at the point where I am going to get suspended but have to work without pay. Can my company legally make me get this flu shot?


My experience is very similar to Shelle, I work in the healthcare field. This is the first year that they are forcing us to ware a mask, in the past we just had to sign a paper stating that we didn’t want to take the flu shot. I also heard that it was about meeting a quota, especially when you have a lot of departments in the hospital that are not getting the flu shot. I really don’t think that it’s about the employees either.

Dawn Kiernan

My sister didn’t even get the option for the mask which she is willing to do.
And yes, there is about 3% non-compliance right now and that is people in the actual hospital. That 3% is alot of people. I am pretty sure they won’t let everyone “voluntarily resign”.
Also, are people walking in the hospital getting the flushot? Patients. Family of patients. Cleaning people. Delivery people? Its so stupid. Either its forced on every American or none.
I really think people need to ban together. Get legal representation and fight this. Wondering if you know of any legal representation in Bergen County for matters like this? I don’t want my sister being screwed out of unemployment.


I work in a off site location for a major hospital. They are mandating flu shots, masks are not even an option. Only if you can get an exception for religious only, if submitted by Oct 1, which I missed because this was not communicated. I am not on 7day non-paid suspenion then I will be terminated as a voluntary regination, for non-compliance.

Dawn Kiernan

My sister is facing the same fate. She works for a hospital as a pharmaeutical technician. However, she isn’t in the hospital but at a gym/ physical therapy building. She really doesn’t deal with a lot of people unless they buy something from her. She is willing to wear a mask but that option wasn’t offered as most places do. They insist she gets the shot. She never gets sick. The one year she got the shot, she got sick. Her arm was sore for weeks. Currently, she is on one week unpaid administrative leave. They then are saying if she doesn’t get it by the time the week is up, she is voluntarily resigning. I am sure so she can’t collect unemployment. We are all for vaccines that have a potential of an epidemic and deadly. The flu shot is and should be a personal choice. Just like a seat-belt. It protects you and only you. If people are worried about getting the flu, then get the shot. Whether a healthcare worker has the shot or not, shouldn’t affect you, if in fact you have the shot. The shot is being forced because it is about a quota. They don’t care about people. They care about profit. To boot, she has horrible healthcare benefits and she works for one of the top hospitals. Crazy right? Wondering if anyone knows of legal representation in the Bergen County area? She needs to be able to get at least unemployment.


Great points.
If it is mandatory for healthcare workers then all visitors visiting the patients need to provide a certificate to prove they too have had a flu vaccination. There is absolutely no difference between health care workers and visitors.
It’s so wrong to force anyone to have an injection.

Mary Tozer

My daughter has been an RN for 10 years and when she gets the flu vaccine she goes into an antifilactic reaction and her throat starts closing up. Her place of employment tries to get her to take it every year, she gets a note from her doctor, but that doctor passed away, and it’s hard for her to find a doctor that will give her a note. What to do???


I agree wth you. I want to put mum in respite but they re forcing me to giv her a flu vaccine wen she or I don’t want it. Don’t need it. Haven’t had the flu in 20 years

Laurie A

I work in a domestic violence shelter. Our local coalition is pressuring area shelters to get the flu vaccine this year. I am in my late 50’s. I take care of my health. I have not ever had a flu shot and NEVER had the flu. In fact, I haven’t even had a cold for 2 years now. I do not buy into the collective “seasonal flu” thinking others do. I do not buy into the collective thinking that my body “can’t handle” certain germs. I believe in my immune system and my intelligence to guide me what to do to protect me and strengthen me.
I feel it is a violation of my rights for the coalition to overstep their boundaries and pressure others to get a flu shot that a certain few believe in. It goes against every thing we stand for and teach to our clients. Autonomy–the right to self determine what is best for the individual and respecting boundaries. It blows my mind when these basic healthy principles are thrown out the window when it comes to what another deems necessary in another’s life.


My job just announced today that our management office have made a company policy that is now mandatory to get the flu vaccine. I’m angry that I have to get it which I never had to and now my job is on the line. Who can I call?!

Anna Wheeler

I have to ask where our veteran benefits are? We have now given up our right to say no and are forced to take the influenza vaccine as healthcare workers. This is a disgrace! I have been a nurse for over 35 years and quite frankly would not recommend anyone going into the nursing field. First your forced to take weekly nasal swabs and now forced to endure the flu vaccine. If the state is dictating and forcing me to do these things I’m drafted and should be entitled to veteran benefits. So where are they? The same place the heros pay is at right!?

Name Withheld

I work for a credit union – not even anything to do with healthcare – and we were recently informed that yearly flu shots are now mandatory. Exemptions seem nearly impossible to get. I agree with so many of the comments above. I risk losing my job if I don’t get the shot which, clearly, I do not want to get. They are using COVID-19 as the justification. I have been so stressed over this!!! No one else should have the right to dictate to me that I need to have some foreign substance injected into my body, especially when I have no history of flu. Who am I going to infect?

Gail Watkins

I am 59 years old and never had the flu shot.
I’m not on any medications
I don’t think employers should make it mandatory to take the flu shot.
If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Dolores Macera

last year in 2019 I chose not to take the flu shot. I had to wear a mask from November 1sr to April
1st . Everyone that got the flu shot got a sticker on their badge… I did not… easy to tell who got the shot and who didn’t . I would even have patients harassing me for not getting the flu shot because of the mask. A Hippa violation for disclosing my medical records. Now in march we are required to continue to wear the mask and a face shield .. the shield reflects my glasses and has terrible glare. It is hot and very difficult and hard to work in. Not we are required to get a flu shot or submit a medical exemption stating why signed by our Dr. The religious exemption must detail the religious practice and be signed by a clergy person. They the hospital will review it.
Who gives them the right to determine my medical or religious practices. If i were to take a child to the hospital for medical treatment not life threating , I would not be allowed to obtain treatment. but essentially they are saying they can force us or we will be considered as a voluntary resignation. Here’s something else… the Medical providers AKA Doctors or PA’s or FNP , Do have have to take the vaccine. This is blatant discrimination.
It’s all about the money for the reimbursement rates in Obamacare.
If the Mask worked for the flu last year and for Covid now… why do we need it.
I’m not resigning. I want to know the names and qualifications of the people making my health decisions when I have NOT given them permission.
I wish you all luck .. This is wrong to force medical treatment of others… Look up the Nuremberg code. and what about long term double blind studies on the flu vaccine, There are none.


Is there any lawyer that can help employees with matter. This year it s mandatory where I work.

Olivia Palmer

Just found out we will be required to get the flu shot or be forced to resign as of October 31st. How can we ban together to stand up for our rights to decline?

Diane Junkin

The hospital I work for is now requiring the flu shot for continued employment
I live and work in Alabama.
I do not have medical or religious exemption status but a strong philosophical one. I believe I should be allowed to make my own medical decisions and have those decisions respected.


I was given a letter to sign, that I reviewed the acip contraindications and if I refuse the flu vac, my license may be suspended


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