GMOs: Why go Organic?

While going organic is very trendy right now, it is also at the heart of being a smart consumer. So, next time a reporter in a grocery store asks you to taste test two tomatoes to prove you can’t tell the difference, remember this:

Buying organic is not about the taste. It’s about supporting safe food.

GMO information

Some genetic modifications can be beneficial. Concerns about GMO’s arise out of the ethical concerns that these types of crops are raising, like lack of safety testing, the effect they are having on farming practices, and their impact on our environment and health because of facilitated use of pesticides. Buying organic can help insure you consume food grown in a more natural way.

Buying organic doesn’t solve the whole problem, plus it can be expensive. Don’t sweep out your whole refrigerator, cabinet, and cupboard right now. Try making small changes, and make one sustainable change at a time.

Some tips to get you started:

  • Wash your produce. While pesticides can be absorbed into many fruits and veggies, washing them can help.
  • Read all cleaner labels. Next time you run out of your bathroom cleaner, find an alternative that might be a little more environment and people friendly.
  • Read all food labels. You might be surprised how many GMO additives you’ll find in your average ice cream and pasta sauce (hint: soy and corn products).
  • Use water filters like point of use (Brita® filters) or reverse-osmosis treatments.
  • Don’t trust everything that says organic, natural, sustainable, or non-GMO. These labels can be very vague and lack the standards you would think should apply. Look for 3rd party endorsements. These are separate companies that have set high standards and lend their label to products they deem fit.
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Again, find what works for you and remember to Stay Informed. . . Stay Healthy!

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