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May 2015

Focus for Health Program Director Shannon Mulvihill enlists the help of NBC investigative reporter Lynda Baquaro in an effort to obtain life-saving medication for her father-in-law. Watch here to see the clip of their struggles with the New Jersey based drug giant Novartis.

Shannon has been with Focus for Health since 2011, contributing both through research and her personal clinical experiences. She has worked as a nurse for 22 years and most recently worked as a supervisor in a long-term care facility.

While working in the community, Shannon became concerned with the overall rise in chronic disease and also developed an interest in connecting environmental exposures to negative health outcomes in the population. Finding the cause(s) of the current autism epidemic, as well as the reason behind the dramatic spike in chronic illness, has become her passion.

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The mission and vision of the Focus for Health Foundation

Our mission is to promote advocacy, education, and research to combat the rise of chronic illness occurring around the world. We support efforts that increase public awareness of the connection between hazardous environmental exposures and the immune system, and address how social determinants of health and inequality within populations creates vulnerability to disease.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to the information necessary to make optimal health decisions for themselves and their families.

About our Founder

Focus for Health was born out of Barry and Dolly Segal’s desire to put an end to the needless harm of children caused by damaging environmental factors. It all started with a plane ride when Barry sat next to a woman with a severely autistic son and they began talking about the young boy’s poor health. Over the next few months, similar stories of sick children led Barry to realize there is a vulnerable population who is more likely to suffer from chronic illness due to environmental assaults.
Focus for Health is committed to decreasing the rising trend of both autism and chronic illness triggered by negative environmental influences. FFH believes that lack of transparency in both profit-driven corporations and governmental regulatory agencies have reduced the public’s capacity to make the informed, educated decisions necessary for optimal health. FFH supports all efforts which empower individuals to ask questions and do their research before making any decisions about which foods, products, or procedures they allow, especially for the “vulnerable child.”

Shannon Mulvihill

Shannon Mulvihill, RN

Executive Director, Focus For Health

Shannon has worked as a nurse for over 22 years, and most recently worked as a supervisor in a long-term care facility before joining Focus Autism in 2011. When our organization transitioned to Focus for Health in 2015, she took on a more pivotal role as Program Director, and was instrumental in bringing our founder, Barry Segal’s, vision to the public through her research, writing, and editing contributions. In June of 2016, Shannon was named Executive Director of the foundation.

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Shem Ongori

Hi all. It is a nice moment to learn what Focus for Health is doing in the world. Am touched and indeed feel to seek partnership with Focus for Health in my organization programming. What is required for my organization to work in partnership with Focus for Health? Does Focus for health support organizations from Africa in form of grants? Kindly advise me. Thanks. Shem Ongori – Executive Director, Vines Kenya.


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