A flu shot or a marshmallow?

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Nobody wants to get the flu this year. But nobody wants to get a shot that might be ineffective, or possibly harmful, either. The flu vaccine is not a perfect defense against the influenza virus. For instance, the CDC found that last year’s vaccine was only 48% effective. Every year, vaccine makers have to guess at which strain will be circulating the following year. Our FFH founder, Barry Segal, says this: “I feel that the CDC over-inflates the dangers of getting the flu, and underreports the risks involved with getting the flu shot”.

Our recent article, Worse than Nothing, explains how receiving a flu shot that isn’t effective can actually make you sicker than if you had no vaccine at all.

In order to illustrate just how ineffective the flu shot can be, FFH is conducting its 2nd annual “Marshmallow Experiment”. Last year, 138 people participated.

Join us in our experiment this year!

All you have to do is eat one marshmallow, and we hypothesize that this will be just as INEFFECTIVE as getting a flu shot. The experiment is by no means scientific, but it’s a fun way to show just how useless the flu shot can be. If you decide to participate, please email us at info@focusforhealth.org to let us know if you had the flu shot or ate a marshmallow. (Please include your name and email address) We will share our results in 2018 (same timeframe when the CDC reports how effective the flu shot was for 2017-2018).

PLEASE NOTE: Whether or not you get the flu shot is a personal choice. Before you consider getting a flu shot, we encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions, that way you can make an informed decision. If you do choose to get the flu shot, consider asking for the single dose immunization. Multi-dose vials contain up to 25mcg of thimerosal (mercury) which could negatively affect your health.

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Tom R.

When I was in the Military I HAD to get a flu shot. I was in the USAF for 8 years and got out in 1995. Have not had the flu since, and the flu shot CAN make you feel ill no matter what doctors say…medicine is far from and exact science, so use common sense. If you are at risk due to age or disease that can create complications if you get the flu, then get the shot… otherwise avoid any vaccines or antibiotics..

And yes that is one man, but a man with four kids with an average age of 20, and married 23 years – none of us has ever had the flu, and believe me you don’t forget when someone has it.

Furthermore, thinking of my immediate family, brother, mother, stepdad, etc. NO FLU.


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