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FFH proudly partnered with North Star Foundation in 2016.

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North Star Foundation was incorporated at a nonprofit organization in the year 2000 and since this time has created over 250 assistance dog partnerships with children who face challenges around the world.

North Star’s mission is to help children who face social, emotional or educational challenges with the help of animal assisted therapy, school visits and assistance dog placements.

Our clients are children whose challenges range from autism to serious medical conditions to grief over the loss of a parent. All the children we serve have family members who are similarly affected and whose needs have also been factored into our services.

Traditionally, assistance dogs were for adults and highly trained to mitigate a specific physical disability (i.e., seeing eye or wheel-chair work), with very little preliminary or follow up contact for the client or their family. At North Star, we’re focused on meeting our children’s social, emotional or educational challenges with the help of a well bred and carefully socialized North Star dog and we take a team approach that ranges from family to school to larger community.

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Check out Patty, Founder of North Star Foundation, in a video created by her son Danny.

Danny, now 28, received an assistance dog named Madison from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) to work with his challenge of autism. Dan recently graduated from USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in filmmaking and has created North Star’s extensive video library. He is now working with as an editorial assistant in Connecticut and doing freelance work in LA & NYC.

Please visit www.northstardogs.com for more information about North Star Foundation and the source information for this page.

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