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FFH has been a proud partner with Haven International since 2011.

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Haven International Center for Special Education (Haven) was formed in 2011, with a vision to create a self-sustaining special education Center in Ghana, and ultimately in Western Sub-Saharan Africa, where Autism is diagnosed and treated.

Haven is a global initiative of MyGOAL, a non-profit organization based in New Jersey.

Haven’s mission is to provide services that will focus on addressing the following problems:

  • Lack of adequate resources for individuals with special needs in Ghana.
  • Inadequate number of trained providers (health, education, social)

How does Haven address this issue?

  • By training individual service line providers in the identification of special needs individuals
  • By training and supporting caregivers
  • -and- By increasing accessibility to resources and tools for service providers and caregivers

To accomplish this Haven provides and plans to. . .

  • Increase teacher’s training; increase their effectiveness in identification and education of special needs (intellectual disabled individuals); Collaborate with GES/Ministry of education/Private schools
  • Health professional training-Collaboration with the health care teams/Ministry of health
  • Parent training, work with existing organizations in Ghana to facilitate parent training program
  • Create a resource center that functions as a lending library to support the training and development of individuals with special needs and the providers of these individuals
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Please visit mygoalautism.org for more information about MyGOAL and the source information for this page.

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