Environment and Your Health

environmental yellowScientists have implicated a long list of chemical pollutants as possible causes behind the rising incidence of a wide range of public health problems. Important diseases and disorders thought to be environmentally triggered include autism, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer ’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and cancer (Schug et al. 2011).

Environmental Toxins:

Chemicals of most concern are those that have very low solubilities in water but are highly soluble in fat, such as:

    • heavy metals, including mercury, lead, cadmium, antimony and aluminum found in, dental amalgams, batteries, aluminum cookware, plastics, pigments and paints

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    • benzo(a)pyrene found in, coal tar, automobile exhaust fumes, tobacco and wood smoke, charbroiled food, and burnt toast
    • 2-methylnaphthalene found in, rubber adhesives, caulking compounds, synthetic resins, and wall coverings
    • bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate used, as a plasticizer for manufacturing cosmetics, toys, and tools
    • fluoride widely used, in toothpastes and fluoridation of drinking water
    • polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) used, as flame retardants in building materials, electronics, furnishings, motor vehicles, plastics, polyurethane foams, and textiles
    • pharmaceuticals, steroids, and hormones consumed by humans and given to animals

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Although there’s a lot of evidence environmental pollutants are creating public health problems, actions taken by the U.S. EPA and other federal agencies have not produced as many solutions necessary to address the problem.

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The Focus for Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to the information necessary to make optimal health decisions for themselves and their families.

The mission of the Focus for Health Foundation (FFH) is to promote advocacy, education, and research to combat the rise of chronic illness occurring around the world. We support efforts that increase public awareness of the connection between hazardous environmental exposures and the immune system, and address how social determinants of health and inequality within populations creates vulnerability to disease.


Susan Pearce

I am impressed with your web site. I do suggest, however, that you put the word vaccines in the list of products that contain heavy metals, above. I clicked on your links to the words aluminum and mercury, above, and was happy to find that you did mention vaccines there, but I believe it should mention vaccines in the list of products that contain heavy metals, above.

Traci A Moulton

I have long suspected that my conditions were do to my home I own. I am much better when outdoors and when I leave my home. My conditions worsen when I return. I am going to buy a kit to detect black mold. In the past I have had ice damns and leakage. I am convinced that is the problem inside my walls.


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