Is the Deck Stacked Against Students with Disabilities?| Infographic


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Feel free to share this infographic. Part of our mission is education surrounding chronic illness. Focus for Health strives to educate the public, medical professionals, and government of the connection between harmful environmental exposures and chronic illness, as well as how to minimize exposures and maximize health. In doing so, FFH supports the right of every individual to make educated health decisions based on informed consent.

  • Is the deck stacked against students with disabilities?
  • Of all students receiving out-of-school suspensions 68% had disabilities and 32% did not.
  • Having a disability unfortunately does not spare them from harsh punishment.
  • More than one in four boys of color with disabilities, and nearly one in five girls of color with disabilities receive an out-of-school suspension..
  • 85 percent of incarcerated youth had disabilities that would make them eligible for special education services.
  • Administrators don’t suspend kids because they love kicking kids out of school. It happens because they don’t know what else to do.
  • The inclusion of disabled students in regular classrooms with “typical” students benefits the disabled students, but teachers need to be equipped to meet needs of both groups – often they are not
  • Take action in your community to advocate for awareness and change!

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