How can the CDC so easily dismiss these stories of regression?

April 15, 2016
Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health
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Let me try to understand this. It seems that among famous people, which is obviously a small percentage of the population, many feel that their children were vaccine injured.

When asked if his child had a vaccine reaction, Robert De Niro says,

My wife says that, I don’t remember. My child is autistic and every child is different but there is something there. There is something that people aren’t addressing.

Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy both feel that Jenny’s son was injured by vaccines. McCarthy says:

Looking at milestones, he hit pretty much every milestone. It wasn’t until after the MMR he started showing some regression.

In the book Not My Son, Rodney Peete writes:

Holly was sitting in another examining room holding on to Ryan, when she heard R.J. screaming, “Not Mommy!” She ran to R.J. and saw that the nurse had given him the MMR shot plus the second hepatitis B and the polio vaccines. The nurse said that it usually was easier with the parents out of the room.

Maybe it was easier for the nurse, but for the next eight years, nothing about R.J. would be easy for our family.

At home that night, R.J. had a terrible fever and started shaking violently, just short of something like a seizure. Should we take R.J. to the hospital? The doctor was unruffled and told us that it was not a reaction to the shots. He recommended that we give R.J. some Tylenol to help him with the fever and he promised that R.J. would be fine. R.J. had a terrible reaction to the Tylenol and we rushed him to the emergency room late that night. We believe he went into some kind of toxic overload shock. After that we didn’t hear the words “Mommy” or “No” for about four years.

Bob Wright, founder of Autism Speaks, has a grandson with autism. His daughter says this:

My son hit all his milestones, he was thriving, so affectionate and loving. He immediately bonded with my mom. He would even call her on the phone. Such a loving, normal little boy. I would have to tell him to stop talking so I could hear the baby. He loved Barney. Then he had the vaccines. When I got home he screamed for 12 hours straight. Fever of 104. Of course I gave Tylenol because they said to. The pediatrician said it was ‘nothing to be concerned about’. Then he started losing words – became so quiet. He had 1000 words, then less than 100. It disappeared so quickly. Cognitively it was a swift spiral downhill. And then the dark circles. Then the rashes, the gut issues.

Bob Wright said this about his daughter:

The last vaccine Christian had before he regressed was MMR – that’s why my daughter concentrates on that.

Doug Flutie spoke about his son in an interview:

I think, you know, the most frustrating part about it was when he was two to two-and-a-half, Dougie spoke in full sentences. He could put his jacket on and…you know, he had a lot of those skills. He could hit a ball off a tee. He could shoot a little hoop in his room, that type of stuff…And that was the frustrating part. You got a taste of his personality, what he was like and all that. And then all of a sudden he was gone from us.

Toni Braxton said in her book:

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence that after my son’s first MMR vaccine, I began to notice changes in him”. She goes on to say that after the vaccine, he was never as responsive to affection or as high-spirited as he was before the vaccine.

Aiden Quinn (actor) says this:

So we had a normal child that was walking, talking, doing everything way faster than she was supposed to. Then, after an MMR, she got a 106 fever and turned blue and woke up the next day with dark circles and not knowing who she was. And uncoordinated. And her arm lifted up. Of course the doctors are all saying, “Oh, that’s normal.”

Former Representative Dan Burton on his grandson:

Christian was born healthy. He was outgoing and talkative. Then, his mother took him for his routine immunizations and all of that changed. That night, Christian had a slight fever and he slept for long periods of time. When he was awake, he would scream a horrible high-pitched scream. He would scream for hours. He began dragging his head on the furniture and banging it repeatedly. Over the week-and-a-half after the vaccinations, Christian would stare into space and act like he was deaf. He would hit himself and others, which is something he had never done. He would shake his head from side to side as fast as he could. He lost all language. Unfortunately, what happened to Christian is not a rare isolated event.

It’s obvious that all these people can’t be crazy, and then on top of that you have thousands of parents telling the same story. It’s unbelievable that the CDC ignores the subject and claims it doesn’t even exist.


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Candyce Estave

Thank you Barry! This happened to my child too! He was diagnosed with autism as soon as I could figure out how to get help for him. It’s a crime our pediatricians are not acknowledging the problem and continue to give us false information.

Kayla Wildman

Thanks for this article! People need to hear straight from parents and grandparents about the damage vaccines are doing to children. Parents know their kids, and it’s incredibly disrespectful to parents to not listen carefully and take their accounts seriously when they say their child was harmed by vaccination.


So sad! & Glad we woke up! Got whooping cough and measles despite 4 prior shots of dtap & mmr. #Vaers #congressmanPosey


It’s important that all vaxx-curious (maybe a better label than anti-vaxx) become knowledgeable enough to argue both sides and that we continue to have these conversations with friends. It’s not an us vs them thing.

Allsportschiropractic Andperformanceenhancement

Commerce is all about money and vaccinated young people and vaccine-damaged young people translates to a lot of money. And any lie in commerce can be deemed as truth. That is why the CDC can lie all day, every day as it pertains to vaccine safety, efficacy and history and those affected and infected have non real recourse in law.


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