Impact | Environmental autism research funding secured by APRC and federal acknowledgement of regressive autism

January 2016

Tracing Impact Series | FFH highlights their partners’ work

FFH has been a proud partner with Autism Policy Reform since 2014.

environmental-autismCongratulations to the team at Autism Policy Reform Coalition (APRC). Their hard work has brought about revolutionary changes in federal funding for environmental autism research in 2016.

Their efforts have created the best opportunity ever for millions of new federal dollars to flow into meaningful research on environmental causes of autism. According to the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Report, the research is to support the “potential risk factors that may play a role in the initiation or promotion of ASD at any life stage. Further, with respect to regressive autism, NIEHS is encouraged to focus research on the susceptibility of subpopulations to environmental risk factors […].”

This language marks a significant policy change in autism research, away from the genetic and psychiatric approaches which have consumed nearly all federal research dollars on autism. The Report acknowledges “regressive autism”, heralding a genuine paradigm shift.”

-Stephen D. Kette, President of APRC

Researchers have until September of 2016 to apply to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS).

Please help us support APRC’s work by visiting their website and following them on Facebook.

Click APRC’s Press Release Below to Read Full Message from their President, Stephen D. Kette about environmental autism.

2016_1_8 APRC release image

FFH will continue to support APRC’s advocacy efforts to ensure that this funding is allocated appropriately.

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Donelle West

Exploration into the Blood Brain connection may provide results.
How do the Vaccines & their ingredients affect the Blood/Brain connection?

Agnes Cushing-Ruby

I wish you success,I remember speaking at the InterAgency Autism Meeting and broaching regressive autism in 2008 .I believed then it was immune modulated and nothing has happened to dissuade me.Maybe 8 years later they are more receptive ,I hope that is the case.I just do not know how this many children can be affected and us not have open and honest research agenda .Vaccine research needs to be done on this subgroup.We need to figure what puts certain babies at risk and how to protect them.Most researchers that have had a serious look at vaccines have been under attack and never continued on to dig in deeper.The current atmosphere has not improved -look at the push back.

mary ann eperthener

vaccine research needed…why is there mercury in them? and too many vaccines now given to children…why so many? in an attempt to build stronger immune systems…we are actually killing their immune systems by putting them into hyperdrive by administering too many in a short period of time…while intentions are good it is not logical to expect the tiny bodies to recover quick enough from the bombardment of too many vaccines


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